New Delhi: Goods and Services Tax (GST) came into effect from July 1, 2017 throughout the country. President Pranab Mukherjee and PM Narendra Modi put GST in the country at just 12 o'clock by pressing the button. Earlier, addressing the program organized in Central Hall of Parliament, President Pranab Mukherjee said that GST is an offering to the maturity and knowledge of India's democracy. He said that this new era of tax system has resulted in a broad consensus between the Center and the States. PM Narendra Modi addressed the country before joining the special session of the Parliament before the implementation of the GST. During this, he told GST is the common heritage of all political parties.

President Pranab Mukherjee said that everyone has worked together in the country after forgetting the narrow differences.
- At that time I was very much involved in deciding the outline of GST as Finance Minister.
- I was convinced that #GST would eventually come into effect; I have a long association with GST.
- This historic moment is the end of the long fourteen year long journey which started in December 2002.
- The GST process started from 2006-07.
The common heritage of all parties: Modi
PM Modi said that there are few such moments in the formation of a nation. After some time the country will move towards a new system. The hundred and fifty million people are witnesses of this historic event. I do not believe that the process of GST is only to the extent of the economy.
GST, tax defaulters and inspector Raj will be eliminated: Now the officers cannot be disturb the people unnecessarily.
- Disparities are seen due to the different taxes of the states. We are moving towards liberation from this.
- The people who are expressing doubts about GST are urged not to do so.
- GST is really good and simple tax because tax will not be taxed on tax and one tax will be taken in the country.
- GST is not a tax reform but an economic and social reform.
- GST is a mechanism that the state and the Center will run together. This is a sample of India best India.
- GST is a catalyst that will strengthen the country's business.
When we get new spectacles with a new number, the eye has to adjust for some time before it actually fits the eye.

GST will be most effective for the benefit of the country's poor. Now the problem of unauthorized bill will end.
- GST is a system that gives opportunity to honesty, brings transparency and is effective in preventing corruption.
- With the arrival of the GST, all the taxes from Gandhinagar to Antanagar will end.
Einstein had said that if there is something in the world which is tough to understand than it is tax
- There were over 500 princely states independent of the country, but Sardar Patel unified the country, today the economic integration with the help of GST.
- Geeta also has 18 chapters and 18 meetings of GST Council also held.
 - At the GST, the earlier MPs in the Parliament have also discussed about it and the result today is what we see it in reality.
- The GST is an example of co-operative federation that is going to be with us and recognizing our strengths  
- GST is not limited to the scope of economy only - PM Modi
Today, from midnight we are going to ensure the country moves ahead.
- GST is not the accomplishment of any single party; it is a common heritage of all parties.
PM Modi said that the processes that have been run by different teams for the last several years have been, in a way, of the democracy of India. India's federal structure has come as an example of co-operative federalism. On this holy occasion you have all taken valuable time. Welcome to you from my heart I express your gratitude.

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