After the news regarding the Karnataka State Federation of Petroleum and Tamil Nadu Petroleum dealers have declared that their respective petrol dealer won’t allow customer to use credit/debit cards from 9th January onwards at their petrol pumps.

The Maharashtra Petrol Diesel Association said today that (1-8-2017) that it has decided to stop taking payments through credit/debit cards on HDFC Point of Sale (Point Of Sale) machines as it charges one percent to merchants/dealers on every sell of the petrol and diesel.

At present most of the petrol pumps use HDFC's POS machines.

It can be termed as a negative effect of the demonetisation where suddenly the banks start to levy a one percent transaction fee on card payments at petrol pumps and this have led the oil ministry by surprise. This is the reason dealers had to say they will stop accepting plastic money from Monday (1-9-2017). This will cause inconvenience to consumers in times of cash shortage and affect the government's move to encourage cashless transactions.

The government should come up with such initiative that suddenly no one charges any extra money when we use card as a source of payments, said a consumer.

This is a big blow to Narendra Modi, the PM of India, who had been so dependent on the banks and seriously this will give some fodder to the opposition.

 (With Inputs: ANI)

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