New Delhi: Now a day’s mobile is such a important necessity that without which life cannot be imagined. Sometimes we also face situations where we need to call from our mobile but there is no balance and there is no option to recharge around immediately.

There is a service where you will get a recharge from 10 rupees to 500 rupees in your account just by giving a missed call.

Believe me you don’t need to download an app

Most importantly, there is no need to download any app for this. The user doesn’t need to have a Smartphone, he just need to have a featured phone can also take advantage of this.

Only one condition for this service is that the user must be a consumer of HDFC Bank. If you are a bank account holder with HDFC bank, you can recharge the mobile by giving a missed call at number 7308080808.

This service allows the Bank to tap into an estimated 900 million pre-paid mobile

Customers which include approximately 84 % Smartphone users and 92% feature phone users.

There are over 1 billion mobile subscribers in India. To use this facility one doesn’t need a data plan, making it particularly useful in smaller towns and rural areas, where internet connectivity is low.

How to activate this service:

To activate the service, customers can send an SMS from the mobile number registered with the Bank to 7308080808. A default recharge amount of Rs 50 is set, but the customer can also set his favorite recharge amount, ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500. The next time when

the customer needs a recharge, he can give a missed call on 7308080808 and the fixed amount is credited to his mobile number.

The amount gets debited from the customer’s HDFC Bank account. Once activated, the service can be used on any phone across any telecom operator.  

One Time Activation (SMS to 7308080808)

 HDFC Bank Customers who are registered for SMS Banking will activate this service by sending an SMS and will be activated for Missed Call recharge for a default amount say Rs. 50.

 For registering Mobile Number

Example: ACT Vodafon 12345

For registering family members mobile number–


ACT 9930040512 Vodafone 12345


Setting Favorite Amount(SMS to 7308080808)

 If customers wishes to set any favorite amount (other than the default amount of Rs. 50/-) for Missed Call recharge then the same can be done by sending an SMS.

 For self: Example: FAV 100

HDFC Bank customers can set the favorite amount for other added members as well.

For Family members:

Example: FAV 9930040512 100


Missed Call Recharge process (Missed call to 7308080808)

Registered customer will give a missed call to 7308080808

Registration status will be checked and accordingly the default/favorite amount will be

Debited from corresponding account

Whom else you can add

Further, HDFC Bank customers can also add family members and friends for this service and authorize them to recharge their mobile through Missed call by debiting customer’s own account.

This initiative was started on March 28, 2016 by Mumbai HDFC.

News source HdFC bank

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