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Health Lethargy starts increasing as soon as winter comes, due to which we are less active. We also feel hungrier in the cold, due to which we eat anything directly. Especially in the cold, we feel hungrier in the morning, but even in this condition, we should take full care of what we should eat and whatnot. Some things, despite being healthy, can cause harm instead of benefiting when eaten on an empty stomach. So let us tell you some such things which are healthy but eating them on an empty stomach can be fatal.


Guava is considered a good source of fibre, but guava should not be eaten empty stomach in cold. This can lead to complaints of abdominal pain. It can also cause digestive problems. 

Although apple is considered very healthy, we have to keep in mind that at what time to eat it because eating it on an empty stomach can be dangerous. Eating this apple on an empty stomach can increase BP. Many people get gas by eating apples on an empty stomach. 

Usually, people start their day with coffee or tea, but do you know that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can cause serious acidity problems. It increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract, which can cause gastritis in some people. 

Citrus fruits-
Citrus fruits are considered to be the home of vitamins. People often eat them in the morning, but you will be surprised to know that it can harm you. Yes, eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach can lead to more acid formation. Fruits are rich in fibre and fructose, which can slow down the digestive system. 

Curd -
Curd should never be eaten on an empty stomach in winter. Yoghurt has a cooling effect, which harms you. Eating curd on an empty stomach can cause cold and flu. Apart from this, cold drinks should also not be taken on an empty stomach. This can affect your digestive system. 

Tomato is more preferred in salads in cold, but it should never be eaten on an empty stomach. Tomatoes contain tannic acid, which increases the acidity in the stomach. Eating tomatoes on an empty stomach can cause gas in the stomach. You can eat tomato salad in the afternoon or evening.


Watermelon should not be eaten on an empty stomach. Consuming it on an empty stomach can cause acidity, as well as spoil digestion. 

Sweet potato- Sweet
the potato should also not be eaten on an empty stomach. It contains tannins and pectin, which when eaten on an empty stomach, causes gastric acid problems. Due to this, there is also a burning sensation in the chest.

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