Conspiracy theorists believe the blind Bulgarian mystic warned that something will happen to the president elect before he is sworn in on January 20, 2017 and that obama would be the last president of USA.

In the present days many of us don’t believe in prophecies and predication, we consider ourselves in the modern age of computer and technologies. Yet there are people who belive in prophecies and there are people who have yet and again given prediction which have come true. One of such persons is "Baba Vanga", the blind Bulgarian mystic woman, who predicted 9/11 and the rise of ISIS has bad news for Donald Trump!

About Obama, she had predicted that he would leave his post in such a bad condition as equivalent to a civil war in the country! Now with such prediction about him being the last President of the USA, it is making us even more curious as to what can happen with Donald Trump taking the throne now!

Baba Vanga predictions in the past...

Predication 1: She had predicted about the Twin Towers attack back in the year 1989. She had said that American Brethren would be attacked by two steel birds and this really happened!

 Prediction #2 She knew about the drastic climatic changes that were about to happen as well. She had said that the cold areas would become hot and the volcanoes would become common.

Prediction #3 Muslims would invade entire Europe by 2016. There would be widespread destruction until Europe would cease to exist. We guess that day is not too far!

Prediction #4 Damn! This is simply amazing, as she had also predicted that the Great Muslim War will begin in Syria!

Prediction #5 According to her, China would be the new superpower of the world by 2018; and it would be a big blow to the economy of America.

Prediction #6 She had also claimed that humans would reach Venus in search of new resources. She even went on to predict that humans might even set up a colony there! Now, only time can reveal this!

Prediction #7 In the year 3797, humans would see the end of Earth. But, according to her, humans would move to different planets and star systems by then, which sounds unbelievable!

Predication #8: Incredibly, Baba correctly predicted that the 44th President of the United States would be black.

Vanga, who died in 1996 aged 85, reportedly made hundreds of predictions in her 50-year career.

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