Indians by Heart 2017: It is the start of the year 2017 and it is going to be a serious reflection for us to reflect our society by our own eyes as an Indian. How can we show what we really are and not show what others want from us? Lets us learn this and make a New Year Resolution 2017, How to behave like a real India and modern India?

1. Say Hello

It really feels like problems that many Indian don’t have the habit of smiling when we see someone or meet for the first time. Often this is a problem of getting the courage to greet everyone regardless of whether they looked friendly or not. Do I really have to say Hello to the 19-year-old Girl with piercings? (Yes). Do I really have to greet flawlessly chic mother at sports events? (Yes). Do I really have to say Hello to the people whom I see in my office when I come for the first time? (Yes). Yes we Indian’s can make a small change and start to make a new resolution from this year to be friendly and say Hello to whomever we met.

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2. Take the Kids and Parents out

We are so busy these days that we often forget and don’t take time out for our Parents and Kids. We tend to work more and no time for our personal life. The real Indian from the year 2017, will make a resolution to balance the work and personal life. We will go to office and come from office in time; we will play with the Kids and go out with our parents for lunch and dinner.


3. Never Rush to say Goodbye

In the United States, most people tend to say goodbye quickly. We are a busy people! However, in India saying goodbye is an elaborate social affair. However over a time goodbye has become very common and people talk very less in persona and more on phone and whatsApp. Should we not develop this skill to learn more to talk then saying Goodbye?

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4. Drive safe and save lives

While driving let us make a resolution and respect the driving rules it is for own safety and for the safety of others as well. Who would like to spoil the life of others?  Let us make the New Year resolution 2017 to drive safe and be a real Indian, who respects the life’s of other.

5. Go for a Walk

Most importantly, in 2017, when I feel like tired, stressed, sad, joyful, and grateful or like punching someone, I will do what India would do: I will take a walk. Taking a walk doesn’t solve the big problems or even small-sized problems. But it almost always solves the little ones and further this often helps you figure out how to handle the bigger ones.

6. Say Thankyou

Last and not least if you really want to be happy, start saying thankyou to every people who does something for you.

About The Author

Pravin Pathak is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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