Paracetamol – Below message is being circulated on social media :

Hoax Message 1

Be careful not to take the paracetamol that comes written P / 500. It is a new, very white and shiny paracetamol, doctors prove to contain “Machupo” virus, considered one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. And with high mortality rate. Please share this message, for all people and family. And save life from them ….. I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn … remember that God helps those who help.

The message itself looks like a hoax. The way this message is written looks like a hoax. Our analysis for this issue :

  1. Such news will always be circulated through the genuine government sources, as it an issue of national concern. This news is only available on social media sites.
  2. Scientifically, it is impossible for a virus to survive inside a tablet for a long duration of time. Hence, this news can be termed as fake.
  3. Such news always keep on circulating on social media. Same kind of story was circulated in 2011 as well. At that time the virus was termed as Ebola.
  4. This message has its origin in Bolivia and the disease spread there is known as Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever(BHF). It is also known as black typhus and it is Hemorrhagic feverand zoonotic infectious disease. There has been not a single case of Machupo reported in India even though the consumption of Paracetamol is very high here but no cases

Such hoax news are spread by media websites who want false hits to their websites. Don’t believe in such news.

Usage of Paracetamol – Ideally this medicine is taken for headache or mild fever and should be taken under the guidance and instruction of a Doctor. There are a lot of side effects of excess usage of Paracetamol. But that is a matter of research.

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