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Green tree python

The green tree python is a species of python native to New Guinea, islands in Indonesia, and Cape York Peninsula in Australia. Living generally in trees, the green tree python mainly hunts and eats small reptiles and mammals.

A relatively slim body characterizes the green tree python. The relatively long tail accounts for about 14% of the total length. The head is large and clearly defined from the neck. The snout is large and angular. The body is triangular in cross section with a visible spine. The species usually reaches a total length of 150–180 cm (4.9–5.9 ft), but large females may reach 200 cm (6.6 ft).

These snakes are often bred and kept in captivity, although they are usually considered an advanced species due to their specific care requirements; once these are met, they usually thrive in captivity.

The diet consists mostly of small mammals, such as rodents, and sometimes reptiles, such as geckos and skinks. This snake, like the emerald tree boa, was thought to eat birds; however, Switak conducted fieldwork on this issue.

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