India is a Diabetes capital of World. With over 70 million people suffering from it.  It is the most common disease, yet very less people are aware with the correct measures to prevent it. Most of the issues occurring in our body are side effects of diabetes, like blindness, heart failure, stroke and kidney failure.

What is diabetes – Our body is structured to consume the food that we eat and convert it into sugar or glucose.  Now, this sugar is to be converted into energy and for that our pancreas releases Insulin, without which sugar goes on accumulating in the blood stream, and it can result in high blood sugar. When sugar level increases, the life of Kidney becomes tough, as it has to throw the extra glucose out of body and so the person urinates more. Due to more urination, the person loses more energy, and can become weak, or feels hungry all the time. 

Symptoms –

  1. Increased Urination
  2. Feeling more thirsty
  3. Vision loss
  4. Wounds wont heal sooner
  5. Uncertain weight loss.

Precautions: Maintain a balanced lifestyle that stimulates insulin growth in the body. Eat in adequate quantity and do physical activities as much as possible. It can help to control diabetes.  Proper below steps to control:

  1. Make a habit of walking daily in the morning and evening for minimum 30 minutes.
  2. One should not keep stomach empty for a longer duration. Eat small quantity of food in every two to three hours.
  3. Carbohydrate consumption should be reduced as less as possible. For e.g. Rice, white bread, pasta, etc.
  4. Use of staircase should be increased.
  5. Make a habit of eating less spicy food and less masala.
  6. While walking or doing exercise, body must sweat.

Treatment: Allopathy is never suggested as correct treatment in case of Diabetes. It does not have any cure for and prolonged usage of medicine makes good irresistible to drugs and its dosage goes on increasing. Which leads to many other issues in the body.

Naturopathy is the best treatment for Diabetes. Naturopathy teaches, the way we should live our life. Basically it is the natural treatment by following natural laws. It includes –

  1. Yoga – It should be made part of our daily life. Proper breathing exercises should be done. If one follows correct yoga techniques under the guidance of yoga master, then no medicine is required.
  2. Food - A change in techniques for eating food is required, ie. Make less or no use of oil, salt, sugar and masala in your cooked food. The more boiled food we eat the healthier body becomes. Naturopathy insures healthy diet for our life. We should eat to live and not live to eat.
  3. Nature - Our day to day life should be mixed with the correct usage of water, food, exercise, excretion, leisure and fasting. If we can understand the right mix of all these elements, then no disease in the world can penetrate our peace of mind.

The best Naturopathy treatment is done at Manthena Arogyalayam in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. As per my personal experience, one should go there and stay some days for treatment. It’s a life changing experience with nature.

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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