We need to save our womens dignity

delhi rape pain

The first news of my site starting with a hope of a new and better year, 2013 for all the women in our society and pledge to stand by them in the time of pain and happiness.
India shacked after the shocking incident of the 23 year old girl, who was gangraped and brutally assaulted allegedly by six persons in a moving bus in south Delhi on December 16, 2012. later She died in a Singapore hospital on December 29.
It has been a couple of week since the incident of the Delhi rape case victim. All of India and the world know of this incident.
Apart there are many many more incidents of women rape and molestation cases coming through the media every alternate day but no case have taken such a change in the people’s minds so that they start looking for a change in the society.
This has to tackled and stopped with some tough law in India.
Reasons why we need a tough law to save women dignity and life.
1.  This is affecting all the women class weather she is rich or poor, irrespective of caste. It is affecting their life into our society.
2.  The next women can be our very own sister, friend, wife, mother and so on.
3.  The justice needs to be given the unknown friend(Delhi rape victim).

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