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bengalore, best city in india

We all love our home town, place where we have grown. The city may be big or small but it always remains in our heart.

After getting married when I moved to Bangalore I was totally lost, I was mesmerized by the beauty of this city but whenever I travel to new place I was literally puzzled to get out of that place. I started hating this city. But after 1 year, slowly and gradually I came to know this city and now it has become very close to my heart.

So here are the lists which change my thought about Bangalore:

Bengaluru is one of the least affected cities due to the demonetisation:

 When whole nation is in queue for cash Bangalore is least bothered, reason being the market here has predominantly been transparent and cash transactions are almost negligible.


Bengaluru has the best weather as compared to other city in India even it’s better than other hill station in South India. It is due to its geographical location, 3000 feet above sea level. In Bengaluru people don’t feel the need of air condition in their room. Here no sweating, weather is so pleasant, when other cities are trying to escape from the brutal heat Bangloreans enjoy the cool breeze and the best part is it is same throughout the year.

Green city:

Bangalore is the city where you can find greenery everywhere. You can see trees on both sides of the road. You don’t feel tiredness in walking on the road.

Painted city:

When you walk around the street you can see beautiful wall paintings display the rich heritage and culture of Bangalore which rarely you can see in other city.

IT Capital:

 Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore contains almost fifty thousand software companies. It is also the home of many upcoming startups company in the country.

Women safety:

Women are more empower here. They are more safer, even if you walk alone no one will pass a lewd comments. Here women can opt for any unconventional jobs like bus driver or a cab driver; they are safe for 24*7.

Pub city of India:

Bangalore is also known as Pub City of India. This is the city which has the highest number of pubs, located in every part of Bangalore. Here people love to booze with family and friends.

Art and Culture:

Bangalore is one of the cities where people love and respect all art form that’s the reason many famous personalities from every fields are from this city.

Garden city:

Bangalore is known as the “Garden city of India” examples are Cubbon Park or Lal Bagh. Cubbon Park is a jogger’s paradise. Lal Bagh is very famous among tourists.

Do you thing something which is not in the above list and should be included in the list? Give your comment.