Did you know the Kashmir students chanting for Pakistan got admission under Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme?

Agra: Lawyers' associations in Agra have decided not to provide legal aid to three Kashmiri students. The three students have been charged with sedition after allegedly encouraging Pakistan's victory against India in a T20 World Cup match. Students' families are now approaching lawyers in other cities. Mathura advocate Madhuvan Dutt Chaturvedi has agreed to defend the students after a family contacted them. Chaturvedi said that we will soon file a bail application for the students in the Agra Court.

Earlier a tweet from UP CM Yogi Adityanath office suggested sedition charges against this individual from Kashmir.

Chaturvedi is fighting the case of 26-year-old PhD students Ateeq-ur Rehman, Masood Ahmed and Mohammad Alam, who were booked under sedition and UAPA along with journalist Siddiqui Kappan on their way to visit the family of the Hathras victim. Meanwhile, the lawyers issued a statement saying that no help will be given to those who go against the country.

Youth Lawyers Association (Agra Division) President Nitin Verma said that these students got admission under the Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) in India to make their career and they were cheering the neighbouring country against their country. . Sunil Sharma, president of Agra Advocates Association said that students should concentrate on their studies instead of indulging in anti-national activities.

J & K Cell deals with the Implementation of the Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme for J&K Students to pursue undergraduate studies outside the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The J & K cell is responsible for the proper implementation of the scheme to fulfil the objectives of the Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme to J&K Students.

It is to be known that on Thursday, the students of RBS Engineering Technical Institute were thrashed by the members of the BJP youth wing when they were being produced before the court and taken to the district jail. Some lawyers also tried to beat him up. The students were booked on Wednesday for promoting enmity, committing harmful acts, making statements causing public mischief and cyber terrorism. These are offences and charges for which the punishment may be life imprisonment. At the same time, a day after the registration of the case, he was also charged with sedition.

Meanwhile, the Jammu and Kashmir Students' Union has prepared a list of colleges across the country where Kashmiri students are being harassed unnecessarily. The students union has urged the respective state governments to blacklist them. Association spokesperson Nasir Khuhmi said in a statement that we are coordinating with the state governments in Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where Kashmiri students are currently studying. We have compiled a list of such colleges. It will be sent to the respective state governments for action against those who fail to ensure the safety of their students.

Mehbooba Mufti, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, has criticised the crackdown on Kashmiri students both within and outside the state and called for the immediate release of the arrested students. She wrote, Crackdown on Kashmiri students both within J&K & outside is reprehensible. Situation in J&K after two years of suppression should’ve been an eye opener for GOI & lead to course correction.BJPs pseudo patriotism disregards the idea of India. Release these students immediately

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