As offices opens, World in Panic as Omicron quickly spreads in 108 countries

New Delhi, December 25: The Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which was first detected in the African country last month, has not only spread to 108 countries of the world in just 4 weeks but has also infected more than a lakh people. Since the world is not yet properly informed about the effect of the Omicron variant and the deaths have started, there is a panic in the countries of the world. Especially in Britain, more than one lakh cases of coronavirus have been reported in a day, which forced the British government to be strict in the country, but due to the compulsion of Christmas, the government is not yet imposing a tax lockdown in the country.

The virus spread in 108 countries It has been only a month since the Omicron variant got that, this variant of coronavirus has spread to 108 countries of the world and so far one lakh 51 thousand and 368 infected have been found, out of which 26 infected have died. The first case of Omicron was reported in South Africa on 24 November and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a form of concern within days. Because health experts said that it has unusual spreading potential which can make it more contagious. And even the Omicron variant affects the efficacy of the vaccine.

What is the status of South Africa? In South Africa, the delta variant was responsible for just 2 per cent of new cases at the beginning of May, rising to 89 per cent by July 12. On the other hand, the first case of an Omicron variant was detected on 24 November and as of 13 December, the Omicron variant accounts for 95 percent of cases in South Africa. However, South African doctors say that there is a need to be careful about the Omicron variant, not to be afraid.

Omicron stirred up in Britain, As of 5 April, only 0.10 per cent of coronavirus disease cases in the UK were due to Delta, which rose to 74 per cent by the end of May. As of June, the delta variant was responsible for more than 90 percent of COVID-19 cases. But now, the coronavirus infection in the UK has broken every record because of the Omicron variant. More than 1 lakh new cases were reported in Britain on 22 December, which is the highest number of cases in a single day. At the same time, more than one lakh 22 thousand infected have been confirmed in Britain during the last 24 hours and more than one lakh infected have been found in Britain for the third consecutive day. At the same time, there is fierce opposition to the possibility of imposing a lockdown in the country and cabinet ministers have warned the Prime Minister that if the lockdown is imposed, then he should resign.

The very bad situation in America, The delta variant accounted for 0.31 percent of all coronavirus disease cases in the United States as of April 19, and that figure had risen to 50 percent by the end of June. A month later, by the end of July, Delta was responsible for more than 90 percent of cases. But now, the rate of infection in the US has increased rapidly since Omicron appeared in the US. As of December 22, every fourth case in the US has been found to be linked to the Omicron variant.

Omicron's latest status in India, As the IT companies were planning to revert back to work from the office, By the end of December 2020, cases of the delta variant had started coming to the fore in India. Of the total cases in the first month, only 0.73 per cent was of the delta variant, but Omicron has spread to 17 states in just 22 days. The first case of Omicron was reported in India on 2 December and 358 cases of this variant have been reported in the country. However, no patient death due to the Omicron variant has been reported in India so far.

Lockdown Haunts china again: At the same time, due to the Omicron variant, the period of widespread lockdown in China has returned after two years. A complete lockdown has also been imposed in Xian, a city as big as Wuhan. The city is the capital of several former Chinese dynasties and is famous for the Terracotta Warriors. The 1.3 crore population here has been told to remain locked in their homes. In the last two years, China had not imposed such a big lockdown anywhere and it was controlling the virus only by imposing small lockdowns. But, feared by the world's panic over the Omicron variant, Chinese rulers have completely locked this big city of the West in locks.

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