New Delhi: it is real pain to be a middle class person and the union minster statement will make you feel so, for the answer he has given for petrol and who knows many more thing in the future.

Central Minster Union Tourism Minister, Alphons Kannanthanam, has given a controversial statement on the rising prices of petrol diesel. Alphons has said that those who are buying petrol diesel are not poor and they are not starving. Alphons said that people owning a car and bike are owner’s they have to give higher price. They will have to pay more taxes on petrol diesel. It is revealed that because of the rising prices of petroleum products, it has come to light that due to the high rates of VAT and the high rates of excise duty by the Central Government and the state government, the petrol and diesel has become more expensive. Union Minister, Alphons Kannanthanam said that the government has to do welfare of the poor, and it needs money because of this the government is putting more tax on the rich.


The Union Minister said, 'The government has come here to welfare of the poor, has come to give electricity to every village, has come to build houses for the people, toilets has come up.', Alphons said further, 'To implement these schemes We need a lot of money because of which we are taxing people who are able to pay taxes. " Alphons, who advised foreign tourists to eat beef before they visit India, said," Tell me, who is the petrol who Buys? The same people who have a car, bike, of course, they are not dying out of hunger, person who owes the tax will have to pay tax.

Let us tell you that on September 12, petrol was sold at Rs. 70 a liter in 38 paise and diesel 58 rupees was 72 paise per liter. While the rate of petrol in Mumbai was 79 rupees 48 paise per liter and diesel rate was 62 rupees 37 paise. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had said at the rising prices of petrol that by increasing rates of VAT by the states, petrol was being sold cheap. Dharmendra Pradhan has appealed to the GST Council to bring petroleum products within the purview of GST so that its prices will be uniformed across the country.

Ayupp Analysis:

The central minister forgot that the poor people also travel around and he has to use this car or bikes for transportation and continues increase in Petrol and diesel will lead to rise in cost of other daily needs of the common people and the poor. The central minister forgot to understand this logic.

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