Ever since the BJP has put this images on the social media the congress party has become highly active and vocal on the social media, like it has won a gold at the Olympics.

BJP on Monday put out two graphics, headlined ‘Truth of Hike in Petroleum Prices’ with prominent images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BJP is trolled aggressively for this post on the twitter and Congress was fast enough to correct the image as well.

The BJP's Graph wanted to explain that in percentage, the hike in fuel prices on its watch is far less than that when the Congress-led UPA government was in power, however it ended up receiving advice to get lessons in math and graphic design.

Chetan Bhagat tweeted “Self goal tweet? Am sorry. I didn’t understand this graph. Can u please explain why the yellow bar is smaller in size despite value being higher?!”

Congress took on the BJP over the Rafale, with a few images linking the BJP’s graphics to the Modi government’s new deal on the fighter jets.

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