Coronavirus infection seems to be taking a very serious form in India. For the fourth consecutive day, there was a record increase in the coronavirus case.

Coronavirus infection seems to be taking a very serious form in India. For the fourth consecutive day, there was a record increase in the coronavirus case. On Monday, 2900 cases of the corona were reported across the country, which is still the highest number of cases of the virus in a day. With this, now the total number of patients in the country has reached 45,356.

Coronavirus increase rate: Drastic increase in cases in the last 4 days

In the last 4 days, 10,462 cases of corona have been reported in the country. This is 34 percent of the total active cases to date. On Monday, 99 people died due to corona in the country. The same number of infected patients died on Saturday. The total figure of corona infected dead in India is 1490. At the same time, there are 12 thousand 763 patients who have become healthy.

Total death due to coronavirus has reached, 1490 dead so far

Tamil Nadu has now become the second state after Maharashtra, where more than 500 cases of coronavirus were registered in a single day. On Monday, 771 cases were reported in Maharashtra, 527 cases in Tamil Nadu, 376 cases in Gujarat, 349 cases in Delhi, 175 case reports in Rajasthan. In Haryana and West Bengal, this number was 75 and 61 respectively.

Cases in Indian states

If we talk about Punjab, then the pace of Corona is increasing here too. The last week has been very challenging for the state. The number of pilgrims returning from Nanded is infected here. On Monday, 132 corona cases were reported in Punjab, including 124 pilgrims returning from Nanded. There have been a total of 1232 cases, of which 774 cases (63%) of the pilgrims returned from Nanded.

Haryana also registered a 195 percent increase in the coronavirus case last week. The state currently has 517 cases. The number of patients in Telangana is 1650. There have been 1 lakh 25 thousand tests here. At the same time, cases of corona have decreased in Bihar and Jharkhand. The total number has reached 528 with 11 new cases in Bihar on Monday. At the same time, not a single case has come up in the last two days in Jharkhand.

Coronavirus West Bengal update today: Shocking reports are coming out of West Bengal regarding the Kolkata Corona epidemic. As per the  Inter-Ministerial Center Team (IMCT), who is on a state visit, has said that West Bengal has the highest death rate in the country at 12.8 percent in terms of deaths from Covid-19. IMCT member Apoorva Chandra has informed the Chief Secretary of the state, Rajiv Sinha, about this. The infighting between the Center and the Mamata government has intensified after the IMCT report. Trinamool Congress MP Derek O'Brien has attacked the central government.

Low testing and poor surveillance and tracking are responsible for the high mortality rate in the state. There has also been a lot of miscalculation in the number and death of corona infected people in West Bengal. A considerable difference has also been found in the state's data and the data sent to the central government. The state government needs to maintain transparency in the Corona case and instead of hiding the facts will have to work on the true figure.

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