Deadly Chlorine Gas Leak In Tamil Nadu, One Dead, 14 Hospitalised

Tamil Nadu: In a Deadly Chlorine gas leak in Tamil Nadu on Saturday, one person died, 13 others were hospitalized after a gas leak at a liquid chlorine factory in Erode. According to the police, Dhamodharan (43), who ran a liquid chlorine factory near Chitod in Erode district, collapsed due to leakage while refilling the cylinder and died on the spot.

Police said that more than 20 workers in the factory accidentally inhaled the smoke and 13 of them fainted. Seeing this, other employees went to the rescue and informed the police. After getting the information, the police informed the fire and rescue service. Firefighters closed the leakage from the cylinder. Police said all the workers who suffocated were taken to the hospital, where doctors declared them out of danger.

As per times Now, The district administration has confirmed that the situation has been brought under control as the gas leak has been contained. The District Administration also said that out of the 14 people, some of them have even been discharged and are stable. An inquiry has been ordered into the reasons for the leak of the deadly chlorine gas

11 migrant workers were injured in Hyderabad last month due to a cylinder explosion

Last month, 11 migrant workers were injured when a cooking gas cylinder exploded in a three-storey building in the Nanakranguda area of ​​Hyderabad. Police said preliminary investigation revealed that the blast was caused by a leak in the LPG cylinder on the ground floor of the building. This ground floor was taken on rent by some labourers. Police said that 11 persons were injured in this incident. All the migrant labourers working at nearby construction sites and other places are from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other states.

He said that the injured persons have been admitted to different hospitals and the condition of two of them is critical as they have suffered more than 50 per cent burns. According to the police, it appears that the gas stove was left open after cooking last night, after which the gas leaked. Police said the blast took place at around 4.45 am when one of them lit the washroom light. He said that a wall on the second floor of the building collapsed due to the impact of the blast. Last month, a house caught fire in the Khandak area due to leakage of LPG gas in Meerut, UP. Two girls died in this incident.

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