Driving licence new rules 2020 in India, know how you get new Driving license

New Motor Vehicle Rules: The tension of keeping hard copies of documents such as RC and driving license together while driving is going to end. Now you can also drive with a valid soft copy of these documents related to the vehicle. During the investigation, these will be fully valid, that is, there will be no need to show the hard copy. Also, you will now be able to use a mobile to see the route while driving. In fact, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification of various amendments made in the Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, which will come into effect from 1 October. 

The government has said that from 1 October 2020, all the documents related to the vehicle including driving license and e-challan will be maintained through an IT portal. During the investigation, physical documents (hard copies) will not be demanded in lieu of the viral documents found to be valid electronically. It has also been said that the driving license details disqualified or revoked by the licensing authority will be recorded on the portal and will also be updated.  

The new rules also provide that handheld mobiles or similar devices can only be used while driving, for route navigation (to see the way), but must also ensure that the driver's attention Don't wander However, there is no exemption for talking on the phone while driving, that is, as before, talking to mobile while driving from October 1, can be fined from one thousand to five thousand rupees. 

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said in a statement, "The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification regarding various amendments made in the Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, including better monitoring of motor vehicle rules and For implementation, vehicle documents and e-challan can be maintained through the portal from October 1, 2020.

Would end harassment of motorists
said that the Ministry will be better enforcement of traffic laws in the country of IT services and the use of electronic monitoring. Along with this, the harassment of the drivers will be eliminated and people will get convenience.

All will be recorded
on the portal, provision has been made for the process of obtaining and providing the certificate physically and electronically on the portal. The validity of such documents, the issue of them, the date-time seal of their investigation, and the identity of the officer will be recorded on this portal. This will help prevent unnecessary double-check of vehicles, which will stop the harassment of drivers.

In the new rules, it has been provided that if the information officer finds the details of the document valid through electronic means, then those documents will not be sought in physical form (hard copy) for investigation. It also includes cases in which the document has to be seized due to a crime.

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