Gujarat: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi while addressing a group of students in Vadodara on Tuesday said, 'Have you seen women going to RSS sakhas wearing shorts in?' Rahul Gandhi said that the RSS and Bharatiya Janata Party do not give any preference to the women. After this statement of Rahul Gandhi, a verbal was have come up between Congress and BJP. While the Bharatiya Janata Party is asking for Rahul's apology and to withdraw the statement, on the other hand the Congress said that Rahul has not said anything wrong, his statement is absolutely correct.

Targeting Rahul Gandhi, BJP leader and former Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel said, "Is it the Congress's view that what is the woman wearing or not? Rahul has insulted the women of Gujarat by saying this. They should withdraw the word. You must apologize. Otherwise, the women of the entire state will be gathered. Congress will also lose some remaining seats. Do the women of Congress ask him and go to the meetings.

She said, 'Gujarat's women are good and culturally. They serve the country. Serve the poor and run many institutions. They make their leadership with him. If such a thing is spoken in such a manner, then they becomes stronger in such a case. Congress must apologizes for this and Rahul Gandhi withdraws his words. No women can bear such words. Ask Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi that the statement given by Rahul Gandhi is correct. They will also tell him wrong. '

On the other hand Congress supported Rahul Gandhi and said that he has given this statement absolutely right. There is nothing wrong in this. Congress spokesman Shakti Singh Gohil said, "Rahul Gandhi has talked about women's empowerment, equal rights. There are no women in RSS BJP has no right to talk about women's empowerment because their thinking is anti-women. You will never see that women are sharing the stage with any RSS leaders. They want to humiliate women. The BJP is misleading the people by presenting Rahul Gandhi's statement in a setback. "This statement from Gohil came after Anandben Patel had targeted Rahul Gandhi.

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