New Delhi: Some people want to be more notorious, the more infamous they are the more happy they will be. Something like this must be also with the Pakistan based Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, he must be the happiest person in the world after being declared as the Global terrorist By President Donald Trump of United States.

 Just hours before the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump on Monday, the US government had declared Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist. Not only this, to please India, the US has banned its citizens to have any kind of relationship with him. He also seized all his assets in the US jurisdiction.

It looks like Trump doesn’t know that terrorist’s don’t want t be hero but they like to be termed as a villain and declaring Salahuddin  as a Global terrorist, Trump has done the same. Who can tell Trump sir now that considering global terrorists for terrorists is not a concern but a matter of pride. After the name comes in this list, the terrorists are identified as VVIPs in their merits.

The US State Department said: "During the reign of Salahuddin as a senior leader of Hizbul Mujahideen, Hujbal Mujahideen took responsibility for several attacks. It also included explosive attacks in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir in April 2014. In this blast, 17 people were injured. ' In response, Foreign Ministry spokesman Gopal Bagley said, "India welcomes this notification. This proves that both India and the United States are at risk from terrorism.

Let us tell you some things about Saeed Salahuddin who should know:

  1. Syed Salahuddin, a 71-year-old Kashmiri terrorist group from Pakistan, is the head of Hizbul Mujahideen.

2- It is reported that Salahuddin and his family live in the Kashmir valley. Salahuddin's family has his wife, five sons and two daughters. The news is also that his four sons have taken government jobs.

3- Salahuddin's belongs to Budgam district of Kashmir. In around 1989, he settled in the part of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

4- Prior to this, Salahuddin contested the Kashmir assembly elections in 1987 on a Muslim joint front ticket.

5- After arrest and release for violent protests, Salahuddin later joined Hizbul Mujahideen in 1989.

6- Salahuddin's name is registered in the list of NIA's most wanted criminals.

7- He is also known as Syed Mohammad Yusuf Shah.

8-  The US State Department said in its statement: "Last year, Salahuddin had vowed to stop any kind of peaceful proposal in the Kashmir conflict" and also threatened to train as many more Kashmiri youth as suicide bombers.

9- He gave Burhan Wani a martyr status and tried to convert the Kashmir Valley into a cemetery for the Indian Army.

11- It is believed that there is a close relationship between Salahuddin, along with Mastermind Hafiz Saeed of the 26/11 Mumbai attack. After the death of terrorist Burhan Wani last year, Salahuddin had also held long meetings with Hafiz Saeed.

12- In a rally in Lahore last year, Salahuddin had openly threatened Home Minister Rajnath Singh against joining the SAARC summit held in Islamabad.

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