New Delhi: Sometimes freedom of expression can lead to much higher in life and sometime s it just shows how well you are mentally low while tackling such things.  AIB recently posted a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a picture, after which AIB and Tanmay Bhatt got to hear a lot and a FIR was also registered in this case. After this incident, many people, especially the Congress party have came in support of Tanmay Bhatt and AIB, in addition to those associated with the film industry and many belonging to other political parties have also come in the support of the AIB, ie All India Backchod. Really such a shame when some ABC is defaming the Prime Minister of a country and other start taking part in defaming the PM of India.

Congress Shashi Tharoor and Sanjay Jha also posted a picture of their photographs, posted it on social media. The people who came in support of AIB say that the FIR against AIB is similar to stopping Freedom of Expression, but can Tanmay Bhatt's joke be kept under the scope of Freedom of Expression?

This is not the first case when there is a dispute in the country in the name of Freedom of Expressions has taken place.. There has been a dispute over this issue in the country. Our Constitution definitely gives us the freedom of expression, but is the insult of someone right under it? Can we call it freedom of expression when we are insulting someone. We cannot insult someone and call it freedom of expression.

After AIB's post, many people are arguing that there is no harm in it. But for the country's Prime Minister, at least they should have condemned and stood for the PM Narendra Mod, as he is the PM of the nation. There is a lot of difference in humor and humiliation of somebody, and perhaps AIB has been following this from long time insulting and getting page views on YouTube and other channels. AIB's motive is to entertain people's character and to entertain them with dirty messages, and AIB also came in limelight because of creating negative image for any well know people, people should not forget what AIB Tanmay Bhatt did to Sachin and Lata Mangeshkar.

Will Shashi Tharoor apply the Dog picture for Sonia Gandhi?

Definitely no, he doesn’t have guts to do so. The well-known leaders of the Congress put their photographs in support of AIB with a dog filter, if it is a Freedom of Expression, would the Shashi Tharoor Congress Will you put a filter on the picture of President Sonia Gandhi?

But a well-educated leader like Shashi Tharoor should have expected that if they cannot resist such things, at least they should not have supported them. Of course, FIR can be discussed above AIB, but it is not logical to say that AIB's post is a bit of a joke, AIB can be stubborn that some people look good, but they cannot insult people who are sitting on the respected posts of the country. For this type of Dog sit ideas such people should be punished.

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Fact about All India Bakchod took a dig on Prime Minister Narendra

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