New Delhi: In the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi made a political entry in his mother Sonia Gandhi's shadow. Sonia Gandhi vacated Rajiv Gandhi's Amethi Lok Sabha for Rahul, and this was from here when it was decided that the future of Congress will go in Rahul Gandhi’s hand after Sonia. The Congress party comes to power. Analysts and Congress workers gave Rahul Gandhi the Prince of the party. Rahul starts to see the functioning of the Youth and Student Organization of the party. The then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was always ready to leave the chair, but Gandhi did not even become a Minister in 10 years of the UPA government.

In UPA 2, Rahul Gandhi was made vice president of the party. As the 2014 elections came, his interference in the party increased. By coming in a Press Club, of the Manmohan Singh and saying to tear a cabinet note, he showed his status. However, till then Sonia was on the front seat and Rahul remained in the back of the seat. But on many charges of scandals, he remained silent on many occasions and because of the negative atmosphere of the Congress government, the party got reduced to mere 44 seats with a historic defeat congress would have never thought of. After this, the workers and leaders started dreaming of making Rahul as president and returning to power in 2019. But then gradual loss of the Congress party from state after state, it started making more trouble to the Congress prince. Though now he came to the front seat in the party, but due to not having a happy political atmosphere, Sonia could not raise the courage to hand him over to the chair. Now again sounds are coming up in the news that Rahul will be elevated to the President post in the month of October 2017. Rahul will be made the president soon.

Rahul Gandhi's holidays are always hot discussions

Rahul Gandhi gives hope in the party as per the party workers. They believe he gives a lot of courage and strength to make the party move forward. The Congress leaders and workers know that Congress is now in the hands of Rahul, their future is also associated with Rahul. That is why they wants to see Rahul as successful and active at all costs. Party members desire’s that, at least Rahul should be seen walking on that path, but they do not like Rahul faltering while moving in the right direction. There are 8 major developments after 2014, when the Congress workers thought that Rahul is now running but finally got stumbled.

  1. In 2014 elections, he was the informal face of the party. After the defeat, he suddenly went out of the country for almost 2 months without informing anyone. At that time when the leaders and workers of the party who lost after 10 years and came in the opposition had their dire need to be with him. However it seems as if the commander had left the army after losing his job and fled the scene.
  2. After deciding to stay in politics, Rahul returned and started to meet with everyone. The leader, the workers were happy that Rahul was going up to a new level. It is considered to be the biggest change in Rahul, he started to speak more in Hindi. After the party was defeated in states like Maharashtra, Haryana and Assam, it was said that the Modi wave is still intact and there was a Congress or coalition government in these states, so it is not right to blame Rahul. Rahul, meanwhile, tried to put on hold the on the Modi government by putting the label of suit boot ki sarkar and pushed back the Modi government’s Land Bill. But coming to New Year he went abroad once again. Going abroad is a personal issue, but BJP and social media hit Rahul's agenda for poor politics, which the young leader did not predicted before.
  3. From 2004 to 2015, Rahul celebrated his birth day which falls on June 19th in foreign country and did not meet his family members and senior leaders. In his absence, there were posters of him were put and his birthday was celebrated among the party members themselves only. Yes, once Rahul returns from Vipassana, Rahul once met the media and workers. To celebrate, but by after noon on June 19, the news came that they went abroad. Social media and BJP have made a deep political attack, but at this time the workers and leaders are seemed less defend Rahul.

From 2004 to 2015, Rahul celebrated his birthday on foreign soil only on June 19

  1. Some issues are related to religion. Rahul always goes to the temple, the mosque and the gurudwara. But the Antoney Committee, which investigated the major reason for the 2014 defeat, told the image of the Muslim appeasement of Congress, Rahul took several steps to correct it. 2016 and now in 2017, iftar party will be canceled by the Party. He himself went on foot to visit Kedarnath. Rahul Gandhi has also been playing the tradition of going to Dussehra. During the Holi meeting in 2016, the media and the workers were confronted Rahul. Everyone felt that this trend would increase. Rahul himself called the media around Deepawali. But unlike in other words, except for the talk of Deepawali and Raksha bandan, Rahul went underground in the Holi of 2017.
  2. Traveling from Delhi to Deoria in UP, he gave the slogan of 27 year old UP Behal. Sheila was announced as a CM candidate by him alone for the election. He further gave the statement like a Khoon Ki dalali and on the other hand, the UPA reached agreement with the Samajwadi party. The slogan said, UP KO Rahul Akhilesh ka sath Pasand hai. But by then it was too late and the result was in front of everyone. The Congress along with the Samajwadi party lost the UP election’s very badly to the BJP government. Yogi was made the CM of the UP State.
  3. However, in the meantime Congress formed the government in Punjab, it even became the largest party in Goa and Nagaland. But the defeat of the U.P. was overwhelming Still, Rahul continued to be active. He made the statement’s like the earthquake hurted Rahul's reputation. Meanwhile, the issue of demonetisation (note ban) was at its peak, Sonia was sick. Rahul led the opposition well, but on the afternoon of December 31, 2016, he went abroad for the new year. However, he said that he is going to see a sick mother. But who hears in politics. Once again on social media it happened, which has happened. Yes, due to mother's illness this time, many people from the Congress party came to his defense this time.
  4. Recently, on the issue of Dalits issue in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul appeared active. On the issue of farmers of Madhya Pradesh, Rahul decided to lead front. The Congressmen followed Rahul gandhi’s footsteps, but it was not even a week that Rahul had tweeted the news of his going abroad to see her grandmother. The social media immediately checked the date and came to know that Rahul had left the Kisan Andalon and had gone to celebrate his birthday on June 19 again.
  5. For the Presidential election, Rahul initially appeared to be very active on behalf of the opposition. But on the day the name of Meira Kumar's name was announced, Rahul was unaware due to being abroad. In such a situation, it was imperative to raise the question once again. Now let's see when Rahul comes. It is being said that, returning on July 2, but some leaders are trying to say that he was not at the time of Meira Kumar's candidature, now at the time of filing nominations for at least 27 or 28 June he should be there. Now whether these leaders get success or not, this will determine the steps taken by Rahul Gandhi.

However, Congress leader and activist on Rahul's politics say that, whether it is the matter of going to  the farmers, whether it is the matter of going to their house and on the issue of eating food at the Dalits house. In the recent politics, it was Rahul Gandhi who started this. Later, many big party leaders from other parties started following him. But the problem is that, Rahul is accused of being an part time politician and many of Rahul's step do tell us the same. This is the root cause of the problem. Rahul will have to think his political fight is with Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah, who does politics for the 24/7 hours a day. Birthday and Diwali also celebrate in such a way that they should get political mileage.

No doubt Rahul Gandhi has matured as a politician, but it looks like he has to go a long way before his day comes in politics. In politics anything is possible over time, he have to be just more serious.

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Pravin Pathak is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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