Bangalore: In one of a case of Moral Policing have come to light in Bangalore. A man was seen in a PVR theater having argue with another man in the PVR premises. He must not have thought that due to his T-shirt, he would have to suffer. According to reports, a person in PVR opposed the alleged objectionable quotas written on the T-shirt of the victim.

Not only this, the accused person has also called some policemen for moral policing, who began to loot him with the content of the victim's T-shirt. The victim was told to go out of the mall and wear a second T-shirt.

The victim also tries to keep his point but he was overtaken by the other person. On the other hand, a woman named Parul Agrawal, took over the moral policing; it is assumed she captured all this in her camera. Latter she uploaded this video to their Facebook account. The video has been posted on June 3 only. This video of Moral Policing is now becoming quite viral.

The Video was posted by an Individual and posted a comment on its facebook message.

What I saw at Forum Mall Koramangala today is the height of #MoralPolicing and nothing but appalling! A young man (the guy in red T-shirt) is abused and humiliated by a man for wearing a T-shirt that has 'indecent words' written on it. The T-Shirt had the word- 'Fucking' written on it.The guy was asked to exit #PVR premises, buy a new T-Shirt, change and then enter the cinema halls. The so called moralist then called a police personnel who rather than shutting him up supported him in #MoralPolicing and asked the guy- why he wore such a T-shirt to a public place! It is only when a friend and all of us hounded the 'moralist' he shut up and left the place. I have a separate video of the police guy whom I will trace and report to the #BangalorePolice

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