Bihar:  There was a time in the twentieth century when Lalu’s style of politics affected everyone and indeed everyone loved him and with the way he handled politics. He was considered the King maker in the Indian politics. He became the chief ministers of Bihar, His every answer were outstanding, he gave every answer in a totally different way, whether is be a negative question or a positive question his answer’s made every one love the person in him. Lalu was a perfect politician for the people of Bihar, but over time the soft corner in hime got somewhere lost and he became a politician of opposing Modi and BJP, instead of making his own way into his political dominancy. Today Lalu's voice is the same. ... style is somewhat same, but ... the effect of his words is nowhere!

Remember, in the nineties, Lalu had arrested Hindutva chariot in Bihar by arresting the then BJP top leader LK Advani.

After the latest CBI raids Lalu Prasad has definitely attacked the central government in old-fashioned ... Listen Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, I will hang, but will crush your ego ... but this voice The effect of that is not seen anywhere. The reason is absolutely clear people have come to realize his saying and doing.

 Lalu Prasad has been convicted in the fodder scam and the case is still going on. The raid on the alleged property of his wife, son, and daughter-in-law has been done. The raiding of the CBI does not prove any crime, but there is no specific reaction to this in the public!

He came into politics as a poor grass root leader and was made the Chief Minister of the state like Bihar because of the social justice, and for many years he continued to move forward in his own style but suddenly the power left the past and Lalu started appearing in the line of corrupt politicians!

Lalu was ideal for grassroots leaders to stand proud among the big leaders in the native style and keep his point of view with the big leaders ...his style is still the same from outside but he have changed completely from inside. This has removed lalu from the the eyes of the public!

After being Chief Minister of Bihar, when Lalu was doing press conference in Delhi's Bihar building for the first time, he kept all the systems together and went to eat with journalists, but today’s Lalu has changed, he has become more attacking to media and journalist. He is no longer also much loved by media even. Recently republic Tv came up with news on Lalu relating him to scam.

There was a time when Rabri Devi sat down on the ground and cooked in the kitchen, then Lalu was a popular dabangg leader, surrounded by a crowd of people, today everything is but the general is nowhere!  Truly the Old is Gold, but over age has not turned as a Gold, he remains Old now and losing his political power quickly.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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