PayTm, Vijay Shekhar Video: One of the biggest beneficiaries of the demonetisation the company led by Vijay Shekhar. As the people of India were shortage of cash one company which was in deep advantage was PayTm as it is a company operated totally on cashless business.

Indeed there was a need to celebrate, which Shekhar did, however the celebration can be seen as arrogant by many

The arrogant video of the PayTm head Vijay Shekhar Sharma shot during the New Year 2017 has gone viral on the social media. Vijay Shekhar can be seen chest thumping of his success and using abusive language to mock his competitors and other people.

Vijay Shekhar quote 1: “Jo hamare saath nahin hain wo royenge!”

Vijay Shekhar quote 2: “Ek Saal me wo kiya jo unhone 10 saal me nahin kiya!”; We did in 1 year what others couldn’t do in 10 years

Vijay Shekhar quote 3: “2017 will be ours”, how it cannot be? Kaleja diya, jaan di, khoon jiya, saara kuch laga diya!” 

Vijay Shekhar quote 4: “B***** ”

Vijay Shekhar quote 5: “Hamne kuch socha, humne kuch socha, humne kuch socha aur saala doosron ki pant geeli nahin hui to kya socha”.  If we think of something and it dosen;t cause our cometatior to wet their pants, did we even think?  

Vijay Shekhar quote 6: “Abhi koi India me hamari taraf nahin dekh raha, kyon? Hamare ko saara desh nahi, saari duniya dekh raha hai” . It’s not only India that’s tracking Paytm but the entire world is tracking Paytm!

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