Rajnikanth says Rules are needed for sports not for culture – Supports Jallikattu

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, RajniKanth – Super star Rajnikanth was attending Vikatan Film Awards while speaking to the reporters he conveyed his full support for Jallikattu. As per his view “Rules can be framed to regulate the sport to prevent injuries, but instead of that, is it right to negate a culture?” He also said that “Bring in whatever rules but Jallikattu must be held up to keep up the traditions of our Tamil culture”. 

Super start Kamal Haasan has also given his support for Jallikattu. Speaking during India Today Conclave, he said that “If you want to ban on Jallikattu, ban biryani too

Support has been coming for Jallikattu from almost all the Kollywood super stars including Dhanush, Khushbu Sundar, GV Prakash, Simbu, RJ Balaji and Surya.

Rajnikanth also said that “Jallikattu should be held to uphold the traditions of our Tamil culture”. In the same event actor Arya also told about his support for Jallikattu.

Jallikattu – Bull fighting game – It is being played from ancient times in Tamil Nadu and can be said that it is part of Tamil tradition. In earlier times it was used by women’s to choose their Husbands. Jallikattu is needed for whole India and not only for Tamil. click here to read more.

In May 2014, Supreme Court had banned jallikattu. This year on 8th of January, Government of India has reversed that ban. But again Supreme Court upheld that ban and a lot of protests are seen in Tamil Nadu. Banning Jallikattu will also hamper growth of India. Read here.

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