Reham Khan attacked, tried to kidnap, claims Imran Khan did this

ISLAMABAD, JANUARY 03: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan has alleged that she was subjected to a deadly attack on Sunday night and an attempt was made to kidnap her. Reham Khan has said that unknown people have fired on his car and chased his car for a long time, after which Reham Khan has fiercely criticized the Imran Khan government and Pakistan and called Pakistan a country of thugs and robbers.

Deadly attack on Reham Khan Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan has alleged that unknown persons opened fire on the vehicle in which she was travelling. Targeting her ex-husband for the attack, Reham Khan said that, under Imran Khan's rule Pakistan has become a country of cowards, thugs and greedy people. Reham Khan tweeted that, "While going back from my nephew's wedding, my car has been fired and the bike question is two people shot me at gunpoint. Tried to stop the car and fired bullets. You are welcomed!" 

Reham Khan is very scared After the kidnapping attempt

Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan is terribly scared and said that she is in a lot of tension due to this incident and she is very angry. Although she is completely safe even after the firing, she has called her ex-husband's governance system cowardly. Reham Khan said in another tweet, "I am a common Pakistani and want to live and die in Pakistan like a normal Pakistani, whether I am attacked like a coward or law and order is blown up in the middle of the road. Reham Khan has lashed out at her ex-husband and said, 'This so-called government should take responsibility for this attack and I am ready to take a bullet for my country.


Imran and Reham Khan have got divorced Imran Khan had divorced Reham Khan even before becoming the Prime Minister and Pakistani journalists tell that, at the behest of Bushra Biwi, Imran Khan divorced Reham Khan and married Bushra Biwi, because Bushra Biwi is a Tantrik and she was said that, if he divorces Reham and marries her, Imran Khan will become the Prime Minister. After which Imran Khan divorced Rehman Khan. At the same time, Reham Khan often criticizes her ex-husband Imran Khan, whether it is Imran Khan's absurd statements or the political situation in Pakistan, Voimran Khan keeps on criticizing her. 

Imran Khan's criticism

When Imran Khan had blamed clothes and films for the rape of girls, at that time also Reham Khan criticized Imran Khan fiercely, and Reham Khan had said that Imran Khan is a hypocrite and said Was that, Imran Khan is 'a person who always apologizes for rape'. Let us tell you that, not only Reham Khan but Imran Khan's ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith has also called Imran Khan a hypocrite and a liar many times and she has cursed Imran Khan many times by referring to the Quran. . Earlier, when children were attacked in Peshawar, Pakistan, at that time also Reham Khan had said that, where is the time for Imran Khan to get married, that he should take over the country.

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