New Delhi, AAP Kejriwal: The high ambition of going national hurt the most to Arvind Kejriwal. The AAP party scored just 0 marks in Goa election and 20 in Punjab where it claimed more than 100 seats. It will now have to start all over again from Delhi to stay relevant in future elections.

Ever since the elections on Feb 4, Aap was in high confidence in both Punjab and Goa, The Young party has already given before the election results how many seats it was going to win, it has predicted a land slide victory in Punjab, with no less than 100 seats. However loosing in Punjab will give the AAP party a eye opener to first give its 100% in Delhi then to move to other states.

A tortoise in case of danger will go inside its shell before coming out and march again, kejriwal will have to restart again and he has 3 more years to prove himself in the capital state of India, if not even that will go off his hands.

The results on Saturday left the AAP with 20 out of the 117 seats in Punjab, with another two to its ally Lok Insaaf Party and It failed to open its account in Goa (0 seats in GOA).

It will be really tough for kejriwal to keep all his flocks together and even Delhi will be tough  to protect. If AAP somehow has won the Punjab or Goa election it would have been a major political change in India, as there were chances of AAP becoming a second alternative to the BJP.

Before the election results all of the major opinion polls have given AAP a major alternative to the congress party and even the AAP thought of the same regarding lot of seats but as elections drew near, the party failed to capitalize on the anti-incumbancy for SAD.

The AAP party tried to imagine the same, and there were huge decoration at the AAP headquarters early on the morning of Saturday which were removed by evening.

AAP party tried very hard but failed to Punjab is a classic case of bungling and high-handedness. The party failed to rope in former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu though it had long negotiations. Not being able to get a Sikh face as the chief ministerial candidate backfired big time for them,

In Information technology world candidates often don’t choose a startup company as there next venue of joining. Though the company may sound interesting and may pay a good package. The same thing might have happened in the case of Navjot singh Sidhu who choose Congress instead of AAP and now he is getting the benefit.

Prospects of winning Punjab had kept the party together under one roof however now it will be difficult for Kejriwal to keep everything together.

Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra said, “one election doesn't decide the political fate of a party, It is a setback for our supporters and volunteers. But we will talk to them and boost their morale. We know how to rise again after a fall”.

We will fight the coming MCD elections and Gujarat assembly polls with full energy.

He said AAP's future and growth depends on the performance in Delhi in the remaining three years in power and it is for sure now Kejriwal will give the best he can to show delhi as his report card before moving on to next election, said a party supporter in Bangalore.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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