New Delhi: The opening of Delhi's brand new "Signature Bridge", three days before Diwali, got off to a chaotic start as BJP's Manoj Tiwari was refused entry, came to blows with the police. On live television, the Delhi BJP chief was seen throwing punches at the policemen - even hitting one of them on the face - till he was overpowered and escorted out. However there was another video which shows how the MP was standing and listening until, Amanatullah Khan from AAP pushed him down from the stage.

Minutes later, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: "Unprecedented. Chaos by BJP at Signature Bridge inauguration site. Its a Del govt prog. Police mute spectator. Can LG, being head of Del police, ensure peace and order at Signature bridge inauguration site?" However the question arises over Amanatullah Khan who started the incident.

Tiwari, who turned up at the event without an invitation, argued that the nearly 2,000-crore  asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge was part of his constituency and he had a right to be present at the ceremony.

"In my constituency, I re-started construction of the bridge after it was stalled for many years and now Arvind Kejriwal is organising an inauguration ceremony." Mr Tiwari can be heard.

"I was manhandled and pushed. I am very disappointed with Aam Aadmi Party's behaviour. Is this a way to treat a parliamentarian? Even the police have misbehaved with me. The police is with them," he added.

On live television, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, was seen throwing punches at the policemen - even hitting one of them on the face - till he was overpowered and escorted out

It took 15 years instead of three years to complete the bridge instead of original 3 years and the price of the construction bridge went upto 1,500 crores. The bridge got approval in 1997 after a school bus fell off the narrow Wazirabad bridge into the Yamuna. Twenty-two children were killed in the accident. Work got underway only in 2008 and the cost escalated due to delays.

After numerous delays, the Signature Bridge was opened. It is expected to serve as a major tourist destination, with a viewing deck in the form of a glass box set at a height of 154 meters offering a bird's eye view of the city, said Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The Delhi government had invited all citizens to the opening. "The whole of Delhi is welcome. It's a matter of pride for the city," the Deputy Chief Minister had tweeted.

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