Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati: Recently when Mayawati said that she would better sit in the opposition, rather taking any help from the other parties like BJP after the election results. This can be seen as a big calculative risk in any election.

Fact check for her that why she might win the UP election 2017

People in the state are slowly moving towards her support especially after the alliance formation between the Samajwadi Party and Congress. Many people are not happy with congress and Samajwadi party coming together.

The BSP head is considered to be the messiah of the downtrodden, is looking forward to the support of Muslims and Dalits to seize the throne in Lucknow.

2011 census reports that Dalits constitute 21.1 percent and Other Backward Classes constitute 40 percent of Uttar Pradesh's population.

Shw also enjoy the support of Muslims, accounting for 18-19 percent of the state population.

As per the report community is upset with Akhilesh Yadav government's handling of the Muzaffarnagar riots.

Around 54 percent of Muslims voted for the Samajwadi Party in the 2002 assembly elections and if they do not impose their trust in Akhilesh Yadav, the BSP stands at a chance this time. Out of the 403 seats up for grabs, the BSP Mayawati have fielded 97 Muslim candidates in a bid to win the community's trust.

She says. The people of Uttar Pradesh who are being suppressed since the last five years due to the hooliganism of the SP.

The BJP is to be held responsible for the same due to failing to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. The People of UP will give punishment for the same to the BJP, SP and Congress in these elections only

The BSP head had earlier said that the Congress' alliance with the Samajwadi shows its political bankruptcy and will be adverse to the party.

She Condemned PM Narendra Modi's demonetisation drive, Mayawati had said that the BJP should be prepared for bure din in UP.

Also the recent infighting between the family members of the Samajwadi Party members would definitely give her some advantage.

The BJP may be still riding high on Modi's growing popularity but the electoral scene at the moment is quite different from the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

The disadvantage of BJP in the sate is not projecting anyone as a CM candidate and has built its campaign around PM Modi.

Mulayam Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi missing from the political scene may also benefit the BSP as traditional voters may not impose their trust on the newly-formed alliance.

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