New Delhi: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that the process of allowing women to fight in the army is being accelerated. After this, women will also be able to compete with men in combating enemies. Although initially the posts of the Military Police will be only given. This decision of the Army is being considered as a very big step in bringing women in equal respect to man.

The Indian army has made a big difference and has decided that now women soldiers standing along with the men's soldiers in the battleground. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that the process of bringing women into a combat role is underway at a fast pace. He said that initially women will be admitted to Military Police. There are select countries in the world where women are given an opportunity on the issue of fighting in the army.

So far only in India, male soldiers have been given the role of fighting. General Rawat said, "I see women as a young man. I am going to start it soon. First we will recruit women as a military police jawan. "In the army, so far, women are seen in medical, legal, education, signaling and engineering wing.

Bipin Rawat and top officials of the force today paid tribute to two soldiers who were killed in a terrorist attack near Qazigund on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. The terrorists attacked an army convoy on the highway on Saturday. General Rawat, after paying tribute to the soldiers at Palam Airport, told the media, "Karma is for worship only for the soldier."

The army chief said, "The work for a soldier is his religion and therefore we are often told that the work is worship only ... we definitely need to pay respect and tribute to those brave soldiers, who are in the order of duty duties The bodies of both the soldiers will be taken to their native places where their funeral will be done with full military honors.

If this happens then the Indian Army, then the Army will be in the list of breaking Gender Barrier-breaking army in the world. Significantly, only a few selected countries have been able to do so in the world. Rawat said that I want to see women as a young man. I am going to start it soon. But first of all, we will give women the role of a young man in the military police.

General Rawat said that he is ready to give the role of the Soldier to the women and this issue is being raised in front of the government. The Army Chief said that for women to come in a new role, women must also show perseverance and strength. It is worth mentioning that in some countries Germany, Australia, Canada, America, UK, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden and Israel, women are playing Combat Roles.

The role of the military police is to police personnel in the cantonment and military establishments. The soldiers of the military police have to help the soldiers to stop the violation of the rule of law, the military movement, the war captives and the need to help the civil police.

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