Abhinav Verma fights for his mom who was murdered in Fortis Hospital #Justice4Mom
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Medical Kidnapping and Murder by Doctors of Fortis Bannerghatta Hospital
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Generally Kidnapping and murder is carried out by anti social elements/criminals of the society but there are people in this society who are not recognized as anti social element but they are not less than a kidnapper or a muderer.They are known as Corporate Doctors and their crime location is Hospital.Here,the ransom amount(Hospital Bill) is Rs 43 lakh and result :- Murder of my mother after keeping her in ICU for more than 50 days.This is reason why I compared Kidnapper with Doctor. Can you imagine the medicine cost they charged is nearly Rs 12 Lakh. With this amount I can even open a medical shop.

I lost my mother who was fit and fine till 13th May 2017 before her admission in the hospital.Now,I am fighting for the justice.

On 13th May,we went to Fortis Hospital for a small 5mm Gallbalder Stone treatment which hardly takes 45min of surgery.She was fit and fine and was not having any pain till 13th May 2017.Each and every report/parameters tested by Fortis Banneghatta Hospital Bangalore such as WBC,RBC,Hemoglobin,Platelets,Bilirubin,Creatinine all were normal.Lungs,Heart,Kidney,Liver,Pancrease all the vital organs were working perfectly fine when she got admitted on 13th May 2017.

These big corporate hospitals have marketing team who will insist you to come and get the treatment done in their hospital and also they will ask you what kind of insurance you have so that they will complete their target.In my case Mr. Kanniraj keeps calling me even when he was on leave.They want to trap you because they know you love your dear ones and you will come for the treatment.

13th May 2017,Dr Shabber Ahmad,he was supposed to do the Stone Surgery,he asked us to go for ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) because he was having 0.5% doubt that there is an symtom of Cancer.To rule out his doubt he asked us to undergo this Procedure and asked Dr,Pooranchandra KS to perform ERCP.The Biopsy report later confirmed that there was no symptoms of cancer.

Dr.Pooranchandra KS did the ERCP where Pancreatic,biliary Sphincterotomy was done and biopsy was taken.Post ERCP my mother was under servere pain because he touched the pancrease which resulted in Acute Severe Pancreatitis.She was continously saying she is having pain in stomach but since it was saturday he left hospital .Junior Doctors were just giving pain killer to her.We were continously crying that she is having pain but no one bothered.They kept her in the ward for 3 days before moving her to the ICU when her BP started falling down.

On 16th May,they finally moved her to ICU saying they wanted to monitor her for 24hrs because they dont have equipment in ward.We agreed.

Post ERCP all the vital oragan got affected.Starting with Kidney,lungs heart,liver etc.They asked us to put Pace Maker because after ERCP her heart rythm was not working properly.We agreed because we want her back.She never had heart problem before but in hospital she was on Pace Maker.

Worst part is that they dont know whom they are treating,in number of the reports they have mentioned Sex as Male,when we raised this point they said it is not affecting her treatment,it is only clerical mistake,you dont worry.One of the document I have where it is mentioned as Male and even signed by Senior Cardiology Doctor.They even stop tracheostomy(a type of surgery for oxygen supply) after taking the consent in middle because there was some outstanding amount pending.Once we paid the amount,than only they started the surgery next day.

She was continuously having pain in her stomach and her stomach size was high but ICU team didn't bother to take any action.Internal bleeding started and they were not able to find out from where the bleeding happening.

Almost 40-45 units of Blood,Platelets,Plasma were transfused to her.Finally,because of long ventilator stay she got infected with number of bacteria and most deadly one was MDR(Multi Drug Resistant)Klebsiella in her blood.

She also went Pancreatic Necrois surgery to remove the dead pancrease and puse. The worst part is that they did all kind of surgery except that surgery for which she went to the hospital.In one of the report they said there is NO STONE IN THE GALLBLADDER.

Finally we lost the battle on 3rd July 2017.On her last day,her BP was continuously sinking and these doctors were saying we have done out best,we cant do anything more.Even on the last day they took consent to perform Dialysis to remove acid from the body.Slowly and slowlyThey know they cant do anything now and my mother is slowing dying so they called BOUNCERS in the ICU.I dont understand what is the need of bouncers in ICU.We lost her,she was in tremendous pain and we were praying that God Please take her with you.She is suffering.

We lost her and it was nothing less than a medical kidnapping and murder.These Doctors and Hospital are running for money,on 2nd July 2017,One patient died in ICU at around 10 PM and doctors and staff were laughing.CCTV footage can clearly show this.

Please help me out by sharing this post so that I will get strength to fight.If you need any more info,please feel free to reach me out.

Abhinav Verma


Ayupp Analysis – This is a real news. And the person who is spreading this no one but son of the mother who lost her battle with life in Fortis Hospital. By profession, Abhinav Verma is Quality Specialist in one of the top MNCs in Bangalore. As per the incidence mentioned by him, it looks like it is negligence by the doctors of Fortis, due to which he lost his mother. He has given each and every details what happened inside the Forits. In a span of 50 days, he spent almost 43 lakhs and the result was loss of his mother. Really sad to hear such things happening in one of the best hospitals in Bangalore. Even the Fortis Management agrees that his mother was admitted there and took her last breath within the premises of Fortis Hospital, Bannergatha road.

Writers View – I have been visiting Fortis Hospital from last 7 years and the services provided there has been above standards. I feel that this incidence could have occurred due to some highly irresponsible doctors and management, who wanted to make money desperately. One thing is common about all HiFi hospitals in Bangalore is that : the doctors here work only for the time they are inside hospital. If anything happens to your dear ones on Sunday or the time when doctor is not available, then you can only consult doctor available in emergency and not the consulted doctor. I had suffered a lot due to this scenario in Manipal Hospital (Old Airport road). The concerned doctor gave my mother wrong medicine and when we tried calling him, then came to know that he only receives call during working hours. We visited hospital immediately and somhow the doctor on duty rescued us. 

In case of Abhinav, Medical Council of India should interfere and find the culprits. There are many things that Abhinav can do, but the question would again arise who would support him? He has already expensed 43 lakhs ( very big amount for middle class people). How can he further afford more. The purpose of writing this article was that more and more people should come ahead and forward helping hand to Abhinav. Truth should come out of this case. If Fortis management feels that they have not done anything wrong, then they also should come ahead and inform people what went wrong in this case.  Lets pray for the sole of mother who lost her life in these circumstances. 




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