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Video captured by a tourist from China claims that she saw alien wondering on the top of White house.

Ayupp Analysis – As per the comments by the uploader, the above video was captured by Chinese tourist. The video looks real but the message it gives if fake. By no chance it is an alien. It looks some security person is on the top of white house. If you look carefully then you will realize that the head of this person has got some round structure which does not move after his head moves from right to left. It clearly makes us think that this round shaped object is behind him. It could be anything, like air balloon far behind, etc. So, the person in this video is not alien.

Secondly, why did this Chinese women film this video only for 5 seconds. She could have easily filmed the entire video and circulated on entire media. Why only 5 seconds clip is being made. This fact also makes this video as fake.

US President is termed as the most powerful person in the world and White house is assumed to be most secure location on earth. So, it make white house easy target for people to target as hijacked. Historically, there has been many instances when White house was targeted to connect with alien links. In 2011, white house also provided clarification that there has been no cited and it has no resemblance to reality.

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