Ayupp Fact Check Corrupt Party list in 2017 - FAKE Ayupp Fact Check

Below message is becoming viral in social media –

Sample Message 1:

BBC Declares 
Top 10 Corrupt Political Parties In The World 2017

Sample Message 2:

Indian National Congress listed as the 4th corrupt political party in the world by BBC.

http://www.bbcnewspoint.com /top-10-most-corrupt-political-party-in-the-world-2017/

Our Analysis – A news site bbcnewspoint has published a news that BBC has declared Congress as 4th most corrupt party in the world. This site is using BBC name to confuse the audience and the claim that it is making is on behalf of BBC news point and not BBC channel.

There is also confirmation from Geeta pandey who is Editor in chief of BBC India –


Conclusion – Self proclaimed as BBC, the bbcnewspoint  has published this article. Not sure about the details that they have put here is based on any research or timepass. We term this message is FAKE.

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