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Big Bazaar is not giving FREE INR5000 shopping voucher it's fake

Brief Outline: Viral news on the social media claiming that big bazaar is giving away INR5000 free vouchers, be careful.

Origin: This news was spread on whatsApp and other social media

Ayupp Rating: Fake

Viral Example:  Hey ! Big Bazaar is giving FREE INR5000 shopping voucher to celebrate it's 17th anniversary, Go here to get yours : http://www.bıgbazaar.com/anniversary  Enjoy and thanks me later!.

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Detailed Analysis: The news of Big Bazaar is giving away INR 5000 free vouchers is widely shared among the enthusiastic social media users without even checking the link it is pointing to. Look carefully the link given In the viral news. It is http://www.bıgbazaar.com/anniversary, whereas the actual link  of big bazaar is https://www.bigbazaar.com . Can you see the difference of I and i in both of this links.

If you click this link it will redirect you to cross domain and finally lead you to a page where you have to enter all your personal information.

One more thing this link is not in working condition on the desktop, as it is easy to see the movement of the page and users and see the suspicious website.  

On desktop this link www.bıgbazaar.com/anniversary will redirect you to http://www.xn--bgbazaar-tkb.com/anniversary and further http://neuewfarben.com/404 link and so on to other links.

Beware not to give your personal information and fall into the fake survey by this link bıgbazaar.

Such websites with this links steel away your personal data and will target you back latter with other survey or in any other way as well.