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Brief Outline: The viral video being shared widely on the social media claims that some group of people thrashing police inspector and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) people on the road.

Facts Check: Fake (video is from Ranchi and not from Karnataka)

Viral news Examples: 

जिस भड़वे को लगता है कि देश में 2019 में कांग्रेस आना चाहिए कांग्रेसी चमचे को ये वीडियो देख लेना चाहिए कर्नाटक में 1महीना भी नही हुआ है सरकार बने और ये हालात है वीडियो में मुस्लिम बाजार में मुस्लिमो ने हिन्दू और पुलिस को कैसे दौड़ा दौड़ा कर पिट रहा है भारत में सुरक्षित रहना है|

Translated: Whoever thinks Congress should return in 2019 should see this video. Not a month has elapsed since the govt has been formed and muslims are beating Hindus and the police in a Muslim bazaar

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Facts Check Analysis: As claimed in the viral video that it is from Karnataka, however it is not from Karnataka but from Jharkhand, Ranchi, where Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and a police officer were chased and beaten. The vehicles were burnt.

As reported by jansatta, Jagran the BJYM had a bike rally on 10th June on the roads of Ranchi. The BJYM members were raising slogans on the completion of 4 years of the Modi government at the centre, for which many of the local shop keepers and local people did not like and a clash broke out.

The pioneer reported “A clash like situation following verbal arguments and stone pelting took place near Daily Market area on Sunday afternoon when BJYM cadres started shouting communal slogans during their march to celebrate 4 years of government at the centre. When the youths were stopped by the locals an unruly scene took place that resulted in a clash finally stopped by the police force.” The Opposition parties criticized the government for allowing BJYM cadres for a provocative rally and letting them disturb communal peace.

Admin alert after brawl at MG Marg

The officials of Ranchi district administration were on toes since Sunday afternoon when a major clash between two communities was averted in the heart of city. Although, situation was controlled

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