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Chlorine effect and eyes turned red in swimming pool! Avoid bathing in chlorine water. Dangerous for eyes.

Ayupp Analysis – This is very old message circulating online from time to time. Chlorinated water in the swimming pool is obviously not good for eyes. But it is not the main cause of irritation and redness in eyes. It is always advisable to wear google while swimming. As per the research – Chlorinated water would normally causes swelling in the eye's cornea. The tear film is our natural-defence instrument. Tear proteins support diminish contamination rates from bugs still floating in the water, and when that is gone, the cornea is defenceless to anything. Since the cornea is underwater, its defensive tear film is eroded.

Still we cannot blame only Chlorine for this wear and tear. A new research has found that people have habit of peeing inside the water. Read the article published in telegraph. Using chlorine many bacteria’s are cleaned but it does not stop human beings from peeing inside water.

It is very significant for bathers to defend themselves by not swallowing the water they swim in and to shield others by keeping germs out of the pool by taking a pre-swim bath and not swimming when ill with diarrhoea.

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