Brief Outline: A fake Facebook Video of a creepy multiplying Worm shown in pink color is viral on the social media. However the fact is that it is not a multiplying worm. Facts Check: Fake

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Detailed Analysis: The beautiful video of the multiplying worm is quite interesting and the truth of the matter is the fascinating creature is a Marine Ribbon Worm and not multiplying worm as given in the YouTube title, The video was put on YouTube on December 2016. The title of the YouTube video refers to a "multiplying worm", and it's not that hard to see why the uploader mistook the find for a "creepy" cohort of five pink invertebrates:

Watch the below video of the Marine ribbon worm. "The reason for the expelling of the proboscis is that the worm thinks that it is attacked," said Kvist. "It's trying to leave the proboscis behind for the predator so that it can escape – it's trying everything to stay alive."

As mentioned in earthtouchnews,  Ribbon worms are undeniably weird, so it's not surprising that curious humans sometimes can't resist showing off the animals when they find them. However, what you're looking at is actually just a single individual – and this worm is under an immense amount of stress.

Because their delicate bodies rely on water pressure to hold everything in place, ribbon worms do not fare well away from the ocean environment. In fact, they typically survive for only about ten minutes in the open air. 

In yet another video similar to the Ribbon worm are that of his cousins, The below video appears to show a bright green marine ribbon worm at least a few feet long, or roughly half the length of a fishing pole seen next to it, although it's possible that it could be much longer when fully stretched out. according to, there's over 1,000 species of ribbon worms alone, more than triple the amount of different primates in the world.

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