Facts Check: D-Mart not giving free vouchers worth Rs 2500, fake

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Brief Outline: The message claims D-Mart is giving free vouchers worth Rs 2500 to celebrate it’s 17th anniversary.

Facts Check: Fake

Viral news Examples: 

D-Mart is giving FREE INR2500 shopping voucher 🎁 to celebrate it’s 17th anniversary, click here to get yours : http://www.dmartındia.com/voucher Enjoy.

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Facts Check Analysis:If you see clearly the link you can easily find the difference. The trick is very simple just change “i” of the URL dmartındia, it is not i but ı which is a special character. Isn’t it cleaver.

However if you click the link, right now the url was down, looks the the person who had spread this news have pulled down the page.

After Jet Airways cyber scam, now it is D-Mart! An ad talking about free vouchers worth Rs 2500 from D-Mart is going viral. DO NOT fall a victim to this scam and absolutely don’t fill in your details. Here’s the truth… 

ESDS’ web security scanner MTvScan has caught hold of this new phishing scam and has zeroed in on its origins. Created by the Homoglyph Attack Generator, the link of the scam ad is a very smartly created cheat domain.

If you have already opened such URL, then it would be better to change your passwords.

Earlier there was a Viral news on the social media claiming that big bazaar is giving away INR5000 free vouchers, be careful.


Big Bazaar is not giving FREE INR5000 shopping voucher it's fake

Brief Outline: Viral news on the social media claiming that big bazaar is giving away INR5000 free vouchers, be careful. Origin: This news was spread on whatsApp and other social media Ayupp Rating: Fake Viral Example: Hey !

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