Did Cong provided 1100% More funds to Karnataka compared to Modi Govt


Brief Outline: Fake news Check Rahul Gandhi: The data nails your lies. Cong-UPA Provided 1100% More funds to Karnataka’s cities compared to Modi Govt.

Ayupp Verification: Not true

Origin: The Fake news was spread on Facebook by the twitter account of Rahul Gandhi.

Viral Example:

Calling Bengaluru, the garden city & the pride of India a "garbage city" is insulting. Building lies comes naturally to you, but you seem to find building cities very difficult. The data nails your lies.

Cong-UPA Provided 1100% More funds to Karnataka’s cities compared to Modi Govt

Congress: Rs 6570 Cr

BJP: Rs 598 Cr.

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Detailed Analysis: The Data regarding the Karnataka that Cong provided more funds to the Karnataka cities than the BJP govt was put on the social media website by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, on his twitter handle.

Ayupp fact check team did not find the truth in this figure.

Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of State for Housing & Urban Affairs. A diplomat. Ambassadorial level assignments in London and Brasilia & served as PR to the UN in Geneva & New York, through his twitter handle posted this “Shoot & Scoot has become a hallmark of the misleading politics of @RahulGandhi His tweet on Karnataka Infra funds is both incoherent & incorrect. Interestingly he cites a ministry wound up a year ago as his source of information! Where is this coming from, He claims UPA spent ₹6570Cr (presumably in 10 yrs) on Karnataka cities while NDA has spent only ₹598Cr. Let me set the record straight. Flagship missions of @MoHUA_India have allotted ₹30,357Cr for cities in Karnataka & have already released ₹8316Cr in less than 4yrs”


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