Brief Outline: The news that JNU student leader Umar Khalid was shot at by an unknown assailant is taking a upturn as journalist are claiming that the incident never happened during Umar Khalid presence on 13 August

Facts Check: Fake

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पत्रकार @santoshji रफी मार्ग पर गोलीकांड के चश्मदीद हैं,चाय की दुकान पर अचानक दो लड़कों के बीच झगड़ा हुआ,एक लड़की ने बीच-बचाव की कोशिश की,तभी एक लड़के ने पिस्तौल निकालकर फायर किया लेकिन गोली नहीं चली,बाद में हमलावर हवाई फायर कर फरार हो गया।टब तक उमर खालिद मौके पर नहीं था।

There was no attack on Umar Khalid, neither he was at the spot,He came outside later. It was just scuffle between two other people & air fire. Story cooked for sympathy & to target PM.

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Facts Check Analysis: As claimed by a journalist from Vikas Bhadauria, claiming to be TV Journalist.Student of Politics.Nature Lover.Currently working with ABP News, the journalist claimed that Umar Khalid was not present at the spot when the incident took place.

As per the news reports earlier , the attack on Umar took place outside the Constitution Club of India. Khalid escaped unhurt while the assailant fled the spot after discarding the weapon.  

Santosh Kumar, the journalist who claimed to be present at the spot later changed his statement claiming “लड़कों के झगड़े में मैं नहीं देख पाया कि वो लड़का जिस पर बंदूक़ तानी गइ वो कौन था. क्योंकि वो लड़का नीचे कीचड़ में गिरने के बाद क्लब की ओर तेजी से गया था. बाद में बंदूक़ वाला लडका बीच सड़क पर हवाई फ़ायरिंग करता हुआ भाग गया.जो लड़का नीचे गिरा था वो उमर था या नहीं, मुझे मालूम नहीं.” , Earliar Santosh had said that Umar Khalid was not present at the spot.

The Delhi Police verified that Umar was attacked, Madhur Verma, DCP said “It is being verified. He said that he was attacked. Somebody pounced on Umar Khalid and pushed, thereafter he tried to fire at Khalid.But the person immediately couldn't fire.People started chasing him thereafter according to Khalid the attacker fired in the air”

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