Did US President Trump announce a corona virus cure vaccine in three hours


Multiple Fake news claims:

A viral message claims on social media that US-based Roshe Medical Company is ready with coronavirus vaccine with the name of a covid-19 vaccine. It is being said in the claim that the coronavirus vaccine has been prepared. The vaccine made by American scientists has claimed to cure the patient in just three hours.

Facts Check Verdict: False / Fake

News Verification: In the investigation we found it to be completely misleading. On a reverse image search, it was found that the picture is of the testing kit of Coronavirus Kovid-19, which has been developed by South Korea. It carried the logo of a South Korean brand called Sugentech. It has nothing to do with the coronavirus vaccine. You can read about the testing kit prepared by South Korea here.

Therefore the WhatsApp message is misleading and not any vaccine has been invented that cures the disease in three hours.

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