Viral Message: The president of the United States has decided to put an end to school shootings by attacking the root of the problem:  schools. He is going to ban all schools

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Viral message example- The president of the United States has decided to put an end to school shootings by attacking the root of the problem—schools. President Trump is banning all schools to prevent future school shootings.

“We have a HUGE dilemma. Kids are dying in these shootings. It’s time to stop talking and actually do something, and I’m gonna do something, believe me”, said Trump in a press conference, “If there are no schools, there will be no school shootings. Problem solved, thank me later.”

President Trump believes that with no schools for school schoolers to target, they will just commit suicide. “This is a great step into making our country great again. Believe me”, said Trump.

Many are asking what will happen with the country’s education, Trump replied: “Some things need to be sacrificed for a greater good, believe me.”

Viral Message Verification:-  The news covered by Huzlers and, both carries the same title “Donald Trump Ends School Shootings By Banning Schools”.

The site Huzlers defines itself as the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it's trending on social media you'll find it here!.

It clearly says the news story on is page is mainly for entertainment.

In the site any one can come and publish their story. Is also gives a big disclaimer as “8Shit is a satire news and humor website. All its content is fiction (except those posts under the “serious” category) and shouldn’t be taken as real. All references, names and marks or institutions in this website are used as contextual elements, like in any novel or science-fiction story.”   

Apart from this there is no such official statement by the President of the United states which orders any such absurd order yet. Common how can you shut down the basic fundamentals of any person. going to school.

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