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North Africa, Ebola Virus now entered India. Ebola reached Karnataka, Unfortunately. So, be Aware Frends..

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Shocking news:Till
now the Virus
which was shaken north africa now entered india. Ebola reached karnataka unfortunately.
Mtech NIT student expired today. So be aware frndz, plz eat tulasi leaves to safeguard urselves from ebola virus. Use hot water and salt to take both for drinking and bathing. Plz dont keep this information to urselves.share this

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Sample Message 3

Ebola reached Karnataka unfortunately!!Infec­ted poor Sreejith-M.Tech, NIT suratkal, expired today.Please take precautions against this Virus and spread the awareness!! Friends plz eat tulsi leaves to safeguard yourself from this virus ebola becz this virus directly effects the human immune system. Tulsi leaves are good for the human immune system so this is a precaution to save u from the ebola virus...Ebola virus Spreaded in mumbai toooo Use hot water and salt to take your bath in the morning, do the same when you want to drink water(hot and salt) . ... It is said to be a traditional vaccine for Ebola. Please don't keep this information to yourself send to all your contacts including your enemies

Our Analysis – The above news that Ebola virus is spreading in Karnataka, India is fake. It has been confirmed by Karnataka Minister. He has also asked the DHO to file case against Ebola rumours. It was confirmed in livemint –

This rumour was spread in August in year 2016 and seems to be back again.

Conclusion – Please do not believe in rumours and ebola has never come to Karnataka. It is a fake news.

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