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As claimed in the message that “While India is still discussing if Rohingyas need to be deported or not; here is how Al Qaeda is planning to use them against India”.

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Deportation of Rohingyas from India has been the biggest point of discussion across the Nation. This is the most talked about issue in Media and everywhere possible. While India is still mulling legal and administrative options to deport them back to Myanmar, dreaded Terror organization Al Qaeda has laid out plans to use Rohingyas against India.   

Shauman Rahman alias Hamdangot radicalized in London. There he was recruited by leaders of Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb. Later on he was told to go to Syria and fight for al-Nusra – an affiliate of al-Qaeda in Syria -fighting against the Syrian government forces.

He further added that while he was he was in Syria, the Terror group got to know about the atrocities on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Since, he had stayed in Bangladesh and was aware of the local geography, he was chosen to raise a fighter group by radicalizing the Rohingyas. He was provided with British passport and sent to Bangladesh. Later, he got arrested in Bangladesh in September 2014 and was later released on bail.

Two months ago, Al-Qaeda leadership contacted him again and directed him to set up Terror training bases in Manipur and Mizoram to radicalize youths so that they could fight against the Myanmar forces.

Viral Message Verification – has been mostly known for news, that often lead to false information, however this is a True information carried out in the site and this news information has been carried out by other news channels as well. This news claims that While India is still discussing if Rohingyas need to be deported or not; here is how Al Qaeda is planning to use them against India. However our findings lead us to the fact that this information is true.

 As claimed by other news sites like zeenews and republic, The process of "radicalisation" of Samiun Rahman, arrested here for his alleged links with al-Qaeda, began in a jail in London where he was lodged on charges of rash driving, according to investigators.

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