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Fact check: did Justice AK Sikri, head of the SC bench imposed crackers ban

Viral Message:

A viral message claims that Justice Sikri, head of the SC bench who imposed #firecrackersban in Delhi

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Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

Viral Message Example– Justice Sikri, head of the SC bench who imposed #firecrackersban in Delhi, Is this true @pbhushan1?

Viral Message Verification –   The Supreme Court has banned the crackers in Delhi. In view of the pollution of the Supreme Court, the Delhi-NCR barred the sale of firecrackers. Look at the funniest thing that ban is only on the sale not on burning the crackers. The rest are you wise.

So the Supreme Court's decision has revolutionized the country. Some are blaming the Supreme Court; some are hurling bombs on social media. It is said that the judge who put the ban on the sale of the crackers in NCR is anti-Hindu, is a traitor and is close to Sonia Gandhi.

These people have from somewhere have found an old photo. In this one person is putting color on the face of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. It looks like a picture of Holi. What is being said together, he is more aggressive. It is being told that this man is Justice AK Sikri, who has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR. People are widely sharing this picture without any fact check:

The people have linked the Supreme Court Justice AK Sikri directly to Sonia Gandhi. The message of the photo is clear that if the judge is standing with Sonia Gandhi, then he will be anti-diwali. At the behest of Sonia Gandhi, the judge must have banned the crackers sale.

Neither do they know that whose photo is this, nor do they know the name of the judge who decides the verdict, nor know who is Vinod Dua.. these photos shared just on rumours. The photo is termed as that of Vinod Dua. Vinod Dua is a senior journalist. You will remember his show, 'Zayka India ka' Came on NDTV.

This image is not of the Judge who ordered the ban on the sale of firecrackers, neither it is of Vinod Dua. Vinod Dua has also become a victim of this photo even before.

The truth of the photo is, these photos is from 10 March 2012. The picture which seems from  Holi is a Picture of holi. But the person who is putting the colors on Sonia Gandhi is not a journalist, Vinod Dua or or judge AK Sikri. This is Congress leader KP Singh Deo, who comes from Odisha. Many times, Lok Sabha MP and has been the President of the Odisha Congress.

Now, know about the judge who has given the verdict

His full name is Arjan Kumar Sikri. He is the judge of the Supreme Court since April 2013. Prior to that, the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. In 1977 Delhi, he started advocacy. For the first time, the title of the judge was found in the Delhi High Court in 1999. While the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, he had ordered a fast hearing in the cases of women, elderly, transgenders.  

These photos have already been shared by the name of Vinod Dua

Even in 2014, this photo was viral when Vinod Dua was trolled a lot. After this, Vinod Dua himself told in a news video that in the photo is of KP Singh Deo and not him. Dua told that he has met Sonia Gandhi only once.  Think before you actually believe in the fake picture being spread in the name of Vinod dua or AK SIKRI