Fact check: MLA Hitendra Thakur gifted a Bike worth 10 crore to his son

Viral Message: A Bike costing of 10 crore, bought by Utung Thakur from Dubai. Utung Thakur is the son of a MLA Hitendra Thakur.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– Fake

Viral Message Example - A Bike costing of 10 crore, bought by Utung Thakur from Dubai. Utung Thakur is the son of a MLA Hitendra Thakur.

Other Versions

  1. A Sun of a MLA bought a Bike of 10 crore
  2. Virar MLA Hitendra Thakur gifted this 10 Crore Bike to his son Utung Thakur
  3. (Hindi)

India me sabse mahangi bike . ??? Seekar (Rajasthan) me Ratan Singh jaldhari ke bete India me sabse mahangi bike kimaat 10 carore.. seeker R.T.O registration laye to log dekh kar chakit rah gaye….

Viral Message Verification- A message circulating on free messaging app WhatsApp and other social media sites claiming that a 10 Crore worth ‘Super Bike’ that was allegedly gifted by an Indian MLA to his Son Utung Thakur. While some versions said it was Virar (City in Indian State of Maharashtra) MLA Hitendra Thakur, others said the most expensive, first of its kind bike in India that has been brought to Regional Transport Office (RTO) for registration was gifted by Sikar (Rajasthan) MLA Ratan Singh Jaldhari.

What is special in the bike?

This Indian cruise bikes named 'Indian Chef Classic' is owned by the American brand- Indian motorcycle company.

This white color bike is 1,811 cc.-

The price of this bike is around 23 lakhs.-

This bike gives mileage of 20 kmpl.-

It's a combination of modern technology and traditional style.-

A digital speedometer has been installed on the bike's tank.-

The bike has a new Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

Ex-showroom price in Mumbai ₹ 24,50,602 . As explained below, the claims are hoaxes

However, there is no information about who owns this bike. There’s also the probability of these images being photoshopped. Rajasthan MLA Ratan Singh Jaldhari denied the claims that he bought a 10 Crore bike for his Son and called them rumors on social media to defame him. So the picture stories claiming to show 10 Crore bike gifted by an Indian MLA to his son is fake.

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