Viral Message: A video has surfaced online on the social media sites where a women is seen playing guitar and the cowing is leaking milk

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Seeing the video it is hard to doubt the Authencity of the video, however the video is not fabricated, but the milking of the cow is fabricated. In the video showing a women making a cow milk, just by playing guitar is not true.

The video was first posted in a site, where in the description area it mentioned “This woman decided to play guitar while milking this cow, Mina. As she strummed her guitar, Mina began to automatically leak milk on the ground.”

The video was said to be from Cornelio Procopio, Parana – Brazil. help’s users to get the maximum value out of their video clips by promoting them online in various ways, making them go viral.

The video as shown in the social media, if seen closely you can notice that a Pipe is tied at the backside of the cow’s leg, though you may think it is a rope being tied to the cow. Secondary you can see the falling of the milk from little far and not in a way how the cows give milk. Clearly it is a fake video made to go viral.

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