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A female spirit known as a 'porb ghost' is said to be responsible. Image Credit: sxc.hu Public health officials have been sent to investigate the mysterious deaths of four men in Kalasin province. According to reports, the four men, who had been residents of Nong Kung Si district, were killed by what is known locally as a 'porb ghost' which is said to kill its victims by eating their internal organs.

Thai 'porb ghost' kills four.

First time I've heard of a "porb ghost", I'm intrigued...

"Local tradition states that these female spirits haunt their victims relentlessly while gradually feasting upon their organs until their injuries are too great and they die."

Ayupp Analysis – There has been a lot of stories about the ghosts in Thailand. Check the below video-

Ghosts stories and belief in ghost has been a part of Thai culture from long time. This belief can be seen several Thai movies and also narrated by Buddhists. Check the source from Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghosts_in_Thai_culture

The news about the the death about 4 people have published by ghost news publishing websites like unexplained mysteries, beyondreality news etc in the month of Nov 2017. It is nowhere published in any of the proper news websites. Hence we have termed this news a myth and not proven fact. Stories about ghosts and evils can never be proved by anyone. As it is an experience that passes from one person to another. And sometimes its our mind which created such stories and even the creator is not aware about the truth.

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