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Is Dawood Ibrahim Dead or alive due to Massive Heart Attack e-Rumour

Dawood Ibrahim Dies of Massive Heart Attack

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim Dies of Massive Heart Attack
#DawoodIbrahim Admitted in Hospital After Health Deteriorates PostMassive Heart Attack.
Underworld Don DAWOOD IBRAHIM died of massive heart attack... Poor pakistani doctors cannot able to treat well and save his life. #restinhell

Ayupp Analysis – This news has been circulated on internet that Dawood Ibrahim has died due to massive heart attack. There seems to be no concrete evidence which supports his news. And it turns out to be one of social media hoaxes only. Even Mumbai Police has no information about this incidence. This was reported in DNA - http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-no-information-on-dawood-ibrahim-s-death-mumbai-police-2421765
Even chota shakeel reported about his well being as reported below - http://zeenews.india.com/india/is-dawood-ibrahim-dead-chhota-shakeel-reveals-about-underworld-dons-health-2000549.html
Hence, we term this news as fake.